Hey everyone! It’s me Sheba! As you’ve probably heard, my puppies have finally arrived! I’m sorry about the wait for this blog, but we’ve experienced some technical difficulties.  I have eleven beautiful babies. Three girls and eight boys. I am happy to say that everyone is healthy and doing well. Here is a picture of my lovely family!

Bye for now,



Hey! It’s me Maya! Sheba’s puppies have arrived! It’s very busy around here, people always running up and down the stairs to check on Sheba and her puppies. I would lik eto go check on them to, but nobody will let me! My due date is approaching as well! I am due on the 14th! Soon our house will be even busier! Nala had her first birthday yesterday! She got lots of treats and some new stuffed animals. I better go see if my humans are willing to let me visit the puppies! Here’s a picture of my growing belly!

Bye for now,



Hey! It’s meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! GUESS WHAT!? I’m a whole year old! Sheba got eleven new squeaky toys last week…I would really like to go play with them, but no one will let me! I can hear them from upstairs! They sound like a lot of fun! Oh no! Look it’s that cat! He’s outside again! I know I’ll catch him this time!

Bye for now,


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