Big Girl

Hello everyone! Sheba here. I’m getting quite uncomfortable. I could have my puppies as early as this Saturday! We’re all getting excited for the big day that is rapidly approaching. I can’t wait to see what colours my pups will be! My human friends are very busy getting everything prepared. They are running all over Moncton gathering things for me and my babies. Dad has made me a beautiful place to raise my puppies. It is almost ready for me to move in. I can’t wait! I better go! My spectacular nose is telling me that Dad is eating something delicious. My human friends will keep you posted on when my little bundles of joy arrive!

Bye for now,

IMG_4950Me oh my how big am I?

Hello everyone! It’s me Maya! As you probably know I’m going to have my second litter of puppies in the middle of April. Most of the attention is revolving around Sheba right now, but all three of us are just as spoiled as ever. A few days ago we had a spa day! We all got our ears done and had some de-wormer. I also got my nails done! Nala and Sheba didn’t enjoy the experience very much, but I loved the pampering! I am a little bit jelous of Sheba’s whelping box, but I know my place will be just as wonderful! I think I’ll go see what dad has to eat!

Bye for now,

Maya's 2011 Litter

Hi! It’s Nala. The most adorable puppy ever! There is a lot of excitement at our house! Oh, look a squirrel!

Gotta go bye!


“Whatca doing down there?”



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