Enjoy Peace of Mind While You’re Away

Located just outside of Moncton, (in the Salisbury, Havelock, Petitcodiac area), our new facility houses several spacious kennels, a modern security system, and a large dog run to provide your dog a clean and safe home away from home. Our staff is caring, friendly, and experienced. The comfort, safety, and well-being of your dog will always be our number one priority.

Every dog owner is required to fill out a boarding sheet before their dog’s stay. This can be emailed to us at or you can print it out to bring with you when you come. Download the Boarding Sheet

General Kennel Information

Our kennel is monitored by wireless security cameras enabling us to have eyes and ears on your furry companions at all times. It is air conditioned, heated, and has a sound system over which we can play soothing sounds and music to create a calming atmosphere for your pet.

The individual kennels are bright and each equipped with a light-switch and a window. (Most of the windows measure 2’x4′). They are completely private, including “vision privacy”, ensuring your pet will feel safe and secure in their own space.

During the day we often let your dogs in our house with us, making sure they get lots of personal attention and love. We take care of them the way we would our own furry family members because we know just how important they are to you and your family!

Pricing and Fees
Dogs Per-Night Cost
First Dog $25.00
Second Dog $20.00
Third Dog $15.00
Special Needs/Circumstances Per-Night Cost
Special Medical Requirements $35.00
Intact (unfixed) Males/Females $35.00
Not House-trained $35.00
Aged Under 6 Months $35.00
Length of Stay Discount
Over 14 Days 1 Night Free
Over 28 Days 2 Nights Free
Group Rates

If you have more than one dog you would like to board with us, we do offer a discount on your second and third dog.

To qualify for this discount we do require that the dogs be from the same household, that they be well known to each other, and that they get along well with each other because they will be housed in the same pen.* If, for some reason, the dogs can not be housed in the same kennel, the regular boarding fee will apply. See our pricing for more information: Prices and Fees

*Please note that we have limited space for three dogs to a kennel, so if you require space for three dogs from the same household please book as far in advance as possible.

Check-out Policy

Overnight: 3:00PM
Daycare: 8:00PM

For our overnight boarding guests, our check-out time is 3:00pm on the final day of their stay. You are welcome to make arrangements to pick up your dog after 3:00pm on that day, but you will be charged a day-care fee of $20.00 for the extra day.

Vaccination Policy

We ask that you bring or email us a copy of your dog’s vaccination record before their stay. This record can be requested from your regular veterinarian if you don’t already have it.

General Health and Emergencies Policy

Your dog should be known to be in a state of general good health before their stay. If they have any persistent or chronic medical conditions, please contact us to explain before bringing your dog.

In the case of a medical emergency, illness, or accident every attempt will be made to contact you as soon as possible. If we are unable to reach you or your emergency contact we will proceed to your regular vet if time and distance permit. If that is not an option, we will transport them to a trusted vet of our choosing.

Any and all medical expenses will be the responsibility of the animal’s respective owner. When you are signing our boarding sheet you are agreeing to release Hazy Daisy doodles’ family and staff of all liability.

Toys and Belongings

There is a space on our boarding sheet where we ask that you record the items you bring with your puppy or dog to ensure that all your dog’s belongings leave with him.

Please limit the amount of toys you bring to one or two of your dog’s favourites. Please also note that we are not responsible or liable for toys that may be destroyed during play.


It is our policy to feed according to the directions you indicate on your boarding sheet. If, for some reason, you do not leave feeding instructions our policy is to feed our guests twice a day – morning and evening.

Since we use our own Stainless Steel dishes for feedings, it is unnecessary for you to brings these with you from home.

Parasites, Fleas, and Grooming

If, at any point during their stay, parasites, fleas, or worms are found on your dog, they will be bathed and treated in whatever way we deem necessary. These actions will be itemized and charged to your boarding bill as grooming expenses.


We are insured and licensed and inspected by the NBSPCA #0074


  1. Julie LeBlanc

    I would like to reserve July 1st to the 3rd for ,Maya, we are going to Woodstock for a camping weekend again, and in November we are going to Cuba, not sure on what dates yet, but as soon as i know, I will let you know, will be either 10 days or 2 weeks,

    1. Lori Reed

      Hello Julie,

      Those dates sound fine for us, we’ve got you penciled in. 🙂 We’ll be in touch by phone or email for more info as the time approaches. Thanks!

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